TOM FOREST's album HOPE will be released by Beverly Martel on January 12th

TOM FOREST's album HOPE will be released by Beverly Martel on January 12th more >>>


BEVERLY MARTEL releases a new TOM FOREST single Superhuman on Sept 29th more >>>


BEVERLY MARTEL releases a new LIQUID MONK single Hollywood Ft. Jaye Prime on Sept 15th more >>>



IAMSOUND MUSIC act SUPERFOOD release their 2nd album 'Bambino' on September 8th on Dirty Hit Records.

IAMSOUND MUSIC act SUPERFOOD release their 2nd album 'Bambino' on September 8th on Dirty Hit Records.  more >>>


BEVERLY MARTEL to release the debut album by LIQUID MONK on Sept 22nd more >>>


BEVERLY MARTEL will release the 2nd TOM FOREST single 'Believer' on July 21st. The track was produced by Worlds End client ISABEL GRACEFIELD more >>>

LIQUID MONK single ON THE ROCKS feat. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs Released June 16th

Beverly Martel has signed LIQUID MONK the band release their first single ON THE ROCKS feat. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs on June 16th. Liquid Monk has become a name in the Detroit music scene synonymous with instrumental virtuosity, genre bending creativity, and energetic live performances. Integrating an array of live instrumentation alongside electronics, the group has redefined how organic and electronic elements can blend to bring the excitement of a live band along with the texture and dance groove of a producer or DJ. In 2016, Liquid Monk continued expanding in the Detroit music community and connected with talented vocalists and rappers. With a diverse pool of lyricists, they realized a vision of merging their jazz and fusion roots with electronic music and the vocal power of pop, hip hop and R&B. The band acts as a producer showcasing the unique talents of each collaborator while also creating a sonic landscape that can only be described as Liquid Monk. Their upcoming self titled debut LP is due out this Autumn. Liquid Monk is Eric "Fil" Fillip (Drums, Percussion), Dan Gruszka (Guitar, Synth, Electronics), Michael Leonard (Guitar, Synth) and Omar Taji (Keyboards, Synth Bass). Signed to Los Angeles label BEVERLY MARTEL their first single ON THE ROCKS ft. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs is released June 16th more >>>


TOM FOREST's debut single SUMMER will be released by Beverly Martel on April 28th. The track was produced & Mixed by Isabel Gracefield. more >>>


Producer STEVE LIPSON will release a single featuring AVEC SANS on April 24th. The track Impossible was co written by Steve and US artist Niia more >>>


AVEC SANS' new single We are was released April 3rd. The band start their USA tour on April 24th in Brooklyn at Knitting Factory more >>>


Superfood (now a duo featuring frontman Dom Ganderton & Ryan Malcolm) have signed a publishing deal with Iamsound Music.The band have unveiled their fresh new flavors ahead of an as-yet-untitled new album. Produced by Dom & Ryan and engineered by MATTHEW TWAITES. The band have signed to Dirty Hit Records and have just released the first single 'Double Dutch' (Feb 6th) more >>>


COURTESY TIER will release their album “Everyone’s OK” on Beverly Martel on August 12th. The album was produced by CHRIS “FRENCHIE” SMITH with one track produced by PETER KATIS. The album was mixed by Z Z Top producer JOE HARDY. The band will be heading out on tour, dates to be announced shortly. more >>>


PURPLE release their 2nd album BODACIOUS on July 29th thru Play it again Sam/PIAS Bodacious proudly retains the venomous, strident tone established on their debut release, (409), and takes a dive into high-adrenaline fueled pop rock with tracks "Pretty Mouth" and "Bliss”. The album was produced by RICK PARKER with one track produced by VICTOR VAN VUGT more >>>

T.O.L.D album released on IAMSOUND RECORDS

T.O.L.D's debut album "It's not about the Witches" released on IAMSOUND RECORDS June 17th. The album was produced by TOM BILLER & Dan Smith with one track produced by Cameron Parkins and another by Biggi Veira. The album was Mixed by PETER KATIS more >>>


AVEC SANS' album "Heartbreak Hi" is set to be released June 3rd by BEVERLY MARTEL more >>>

AVEC SANS release Heartbreak Hi on Beverly Martel on March 4th

AVEC SANS release a new single "Heartbreak Hi" on Beverly Martel on March 4th. The band are heading off to play shows at SXSW more >>>


COURTESY TIER RELEASE NEW SINGLE COURTESY TIER release a new single “When you were young`’ on BEVERLY MARTEL on March 4th. The track was produced by PETER KATIS more >>>




COURTESY TIER released their debut EP on Beverly Martel on November 6th! The EP was produced by Worlds End client CHRIS “FRENCHIE” SMITH more >>>


PURPLE's debut album 409 is released via Play it again Sam  more >>>


LORD HURON'S new album "Strange Trails" is released on Iamsound Records on April 7th. more >>>


IAMSOUND RECORDS artist IO ECHO's brilliant debut album Ministry of Love is released in North America! The band has been working hard on this album for the past couple of years and we're excited to finally be able to release it. This has been a busy year for Io Echo, after touring with Bloc Party earlier this year, and the band currently being on the road with iconic '90s alt outfit Garbage. After the tour is done, they'll be playing Coachella in a couple of weeks, and then following that up with a tour supporting The Joy Formidable. We're also excited to announce that Io Echo will be playing Lollapalooza this year (August 2-4 in Chicago).
Ministry of Love, drawing from early '90s industrial, hazy pop and Eastern Classical orchestration (Japanese Koto and Chinese violin), has garnered accolades from NPR, Interview, Nylon, Stereogum, Paper, Dazed & Confused and many more. Be on the lookout for a video for the title track soon, and until then you can watch the video for "When The Lilies Die" HERE!

“They've succeeded in doing something that so many bands have tried, but failed to do: invent a completely new sound.” - NYLON

“A fantastic new discovery” - NPR

BUY IT NOW!  more >>>


IAMSOUND RECORDS released the debut album by LORD HURON on October 9th. more >>>

The Philistines Jr. 'If A Lot Of Bands Play in The Woods...' Available Now!

The Philistines Jr. have enlisted top indie artists such as The National, Jonsi & Alex, Mates of State, Tokyo Police Club, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Tapes ‘N Tapes, Mercury Rev and many others to cover and remix their acclaimed 2010 album ‘If A Band Plays in the Woods…?’ The collection 'If A Lot of Bands Play In The Woods….’ is set for release next week November 1, via Tarquin Records/Beverly Martel.  more >>>

Nikki Lane Debut Album 'Walk Of Shame' Out Now

IAMSOUND RECORDS artist NIKKI LANE's debut album "Walk of Shame" is out now. The album was produced by Dave Cobb and Lewis Pesacov. more >>>

New Fool's Gold Album Out Now!

Fool's Gold's sophomore release is available now on IAMSOUND Records. 'Leave No Trace' is the highly anticipated follow up to the band's debut effort.  more >>>

NewVillager Available Now

NewVillager's self-titled debut album is available now on IAMSOUND Records. This two man band synchronizes pop shamans Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini. NewVillager are multimedia artists from San Francisco and New York.

The band has written pop music as a means of illustrating the NewVillager mythology, a system of thinking, which is partially “found” and partially created by the group and their collaborators. NewVillager champions an electro-symphonic sound, which the band describes as “new pop.” more >>>


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Beverly Martel Invites You To ARI SHINE's Record Release Of 'Ghost Town Directory'


Beverly Martel invites you to join us next Monday March 14th at the Redwood Bar Downtown LA for ARI SHINE's record release show for 'Ghost Town Directory.'

The album will be released next Tuesday.



ANDREW DAWSON recently sat down with MIX magazine to discuss his experience in the studio. He explains his background and passion for mixing, his time spent working his way through the studios, to establishing his own studio SoundEQ, and reveals a few tricks he's learned along the way.

ARI SHINE Is Going Global


ARI SHINE is making a name for himself across the ocean. The largest Russian-language newspaper in Israel reviewed his album - and gave it glowing remarks, calling him "A young rocker with a pop sensibility looking for a perfect echo."

Ghost Town Directory will be released next Tuesday March 15th on Beverly Martel. Come join Ari & the Beverly Martel crew at his record release show next Monday at the Redwood Bar in Downtown LA - Ari will take the stage at 9:30 pm sharp.

UK Guardian Debuts Guillemots Video


The DAVID KOSTEN-produced Guillemots album 'Walk The River' will be released in the UK on April 18th. The Guardian have released the video for the first single "The Basket." Check it out HERE. The single will be released April 10th.

Songwriter 101: "Taking Notes From Neeks"


Dave Simon of Songwriter 101 sits down with Worlds End client NIKO "NEEKS" BOLAS and gets a lesson in getting around the pricey studio gear:

Given the extent of his record-making background, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that producer-engineer NIKO BOLAS didn’t initially plan a career in the control room. Hailing from a family of building contractors, in the ’70s Bolas took a job with legendary Los Angeles-based engineer Val Garay, who was then in the process of constructing his Record One studio in Sherman Oaks. Soon after, builder Bolas began moonlighting as a sound assistant for Garay and, after learning the ropes, eventually signed on as Record One’s house engineer.

Unlike some of his SoCal peers, Bolas would develop a reputation for making records live and spontaneous rather than slick and laborious — attributes that in ensuing years helped Bolas compile a lengthy list of clients ranging from Crosby, Stills & Nash and John Hiatt to Lorrie Morgan and Los Lonely Boys. His 25-year, on-again-off-again partnership with Neil Young (dubbed “The Volume Dealers”) includes producing and engineering 2006’s politically charged Living With War in addition to Young’s 2009 amped-up effort Fork in the Road.

We caught up with the man they call “Neeks” — whose base of operations continues to be Nashville’s renowned Blackbird Studios — to discuss a range of topics relevant to pro and not-so-pro record-makers alike.

Studio Prep When getting ready to launch a new recording project, Bolas often relies on a somewhat unorthodox pre-production regimen, one that has worked particularly well during his years with Young. “The night before the session, I’ll go in and jam with whoever is around in the studio, which helps me to get the right sound ahead of time,” says Bolas. “For instance, I’ll track some drums with the guitar and bass, and then I’ll run into the control room and see what it sounds like. Because when the artist is ready to go, that’s it, you’re on. So the idea is to have everything up already in place, right down to the headphones, before the band shows up. That way when everyone comes in and starts finding their sound, we’ll already be in recording mode. Don’t get me wrong — I’m constantly refining the sound along the way. The point is, if you’re still trying to get it together after the band has already got it together, you’re in trouble.”

Engineers often make the mistake of thinking there’s something special about the craft of recording, says Bolas, “when in reality, engineering is just a mechanical process — it has nothing at all to do with the instrument or how it’s being played. You could have someone like [session drummer] Steve Jordan banging away on a shoe box, and no matter what you did, you’d probably wind up with the greatest drum sound you’ve ever heard.”

Which may help explain why Bolas generally cares more about capturing the right performance than, say, choosing the “right” mic. Case in point: Early on, Bolas discovered that he was often able to get the very best vocal takes by using nothing more than a basic Shure SM57.

“If you give someone a cheap hand-held mic — rather than, say, putting up a big scary Neumann U87 — they tend to relax. Why? Because it’s not a studio mic! Suddenly, they’re not thinking about getting the ‘proper’ take any more — and when they’re not thinking, then they have the freedom to really express themselves.”

Bolas applies that same logic to amp recording. “Though three quarters of the time I’ll use a Shure SM57, again, it’s not always what you’re putting up, but where you’re putting it. Larry Cragg, Neil’s guitar tech, has taught me more about the different sounds that are available just by moving the microphone in one-inch increments around the speaker cone — so I’ll just strap on a set of headphones, gradually move the mic until the sound is right, and that’s where it will stay for the remainder of the session.”

As one who thrives on spontaneity, Bolas puts a lot of stock in capturing the initial burst of first-take energy. “Invariably when it comes time to do the ‘real’ take, it’s not nearly as good,” says Bolas. “So the producer’s job is to make sure to hold on to that first run through — that way if the artist winds up expending their energy trying to replicate that initial take, it will already be saved.”

Above all, says Bolas, never let the artist know that they’re actually being recorded. “For instance, I’ll put the group in a corner of the tracking room and make sure they can all hear each other, so that if their headphones fall off it won’t matter because they’re standing right in front of the drummer anyway. Then I’ll go out into the room so that they can’t actually see me hit the record button—in fact my assistants know that if I’m with the band, that means they should be in record mode. It doesn’t even matter if all of the mics aren’t up just yet, they know the rule—have that red light on! Because you never know when you might accidentally capture some fragment of a genius idea that could later turn out to be a great hook.”

When it comes time to mix, Bolas, in the spirit of his live-mixing brethren, often just replicates the physical arrangement of the players as they appear through his control-room glass. “I’ll make it sound like what I’m seeing, that’s all,” says Bolas. “For instance, on Fork in the Road, Neil was standing in the center of the room in front of the drums with his rig, Ben [Keith, guitarist] was off to the left and Anthony [Crawford, guitarist] was off to the right. So that’s where I put them in them in the mix. I mean for one thing, it makes things pretty easy to find—if the guy on the left is set up on the left side of your console, when something goes wrong you know exactly where to go to fix it.”

Digital Means, Analog Spirit Though a purist at heart, Bolas is anything but retro when it comes to recording apparatus. “Digital is the greatest thing that ever happened to recording, because it removed all of the inefficiencies that used to exist during tape playbacks,” he says. “Anyone who grew up using tape knows how inefficient it is as a playback medium. The fact is, a lot of pre-digital engineering strategies were in anticipation of the ultimate degradation of the tape during the recording sessions—for instance, you might have had to record everything a bit brighter than normal, because once the tape began to wear, the sound would start coming back a little bit duller each time. And once you got three months into the recording and you were still running that master reel back and forth across the heads, it was going to get even duller still. Naturally there are a lot of things that we like about tape — the various compression properties that come from using different types of tape, or the subtle white background noise that tape produces, and of course we also really like the native EQ on certain tape machines. But now that we have excellent converters with really high sample rates, all the great sounds that are produced by our favorite dynamic or ribbon microphones can be properly captured—in that way, things are more analog now than they’ve ever been.”

Still, many of the limitations of the analog era can be quite useful when applied to modern recording situations. “An eight-track recorder, for instance, forces you to plan ahead—by the time you’ve filled up the sixth track, you’re already thinking about doing a reduction mix in order to free up space. In other words, it requires that you have real discipline and a different kind of record-making philosophy. By contrast, when you go to work on ProTools, you’re not thinking about anything but breakfast, because you can record anything as many times as you want. There’s no philosophy, there’s no discipline or any kind of advance planning — in short, there’s no art. And that’s my biggest problem with digital audio.”

Bolas cites a recent project with a young group from Nashville who specifically requested an all-analog set-up. “I said to them, ‘Okay, you want to learn what it’s about? Let’s do it on eight-track. So I got a 1-inch tape machine, we brought the band in and went to work. And it meant that we had to carefully plot out the sessions—on some tunes we had to start with the drums, or maybe we had to do the background vocals before the lead parts so everything would stack up properly, and so forth. Along the way, these guys got to learn about eight-track production philosophy and style, and it changed their whole approach to record making forever. Not only that, but the finished product ended up being big and dumb and chunky and noisy — all the things we love about analog! But the bottom line is that it still had nothing to do with the tape machine — it was really about the lack of choices, the discipline it took to work with those limitations.”

As a parting shot, Bolas suggests that the producer/engineer remembers to maintain the all-important element of neutrality throughout the duration of the recording project. “A lot of producers want to feel like they’re part of the ‘force,’ and they make the mistake of demanding constant attention,” says Bolas. “As the guy in the control room, you should never ever let your ego get in the way — because when it comes right down to it, the only thing that really matters is the muse. Because it’s fleeting — and if you don’t get it while it’s there, it can be gone in a hurry.”

Foster The People Release 'Torches' On May 24th


Foster The People will be releasing their album 'Torches' on May 24th. The band is performing at the IAMSOUND Records party at SXSW on March 16th at Shangri-La at 1016 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX. If you plan on attending, please be sure to RSVP to MFG Productions.

Dropkick Murphys Album 'Going Out In Style' Charts At #6


The Dropkick Murphys have landed the #6 spot in the Billboard 200 charts this week with their album 'Going Out In Style,' released last Tuesday - the album is selling over 40,000 copies so far in it's debut week. TED HUTT produced the album.

Preorder ARI SHINE's New Album 'Ghost Town Directory'


ARI SHINE's new album, 'Ghost Town Directory' will be released on Tuesday, March 15th on Beverly Martel. Click the iTunes link below to preorder the album and receive an exclusive bonus track "Ship In A Bottle."

Dom Playing IAMSOUND Records Party At SXSW


DOM play the IAMSOUND Records party at SXSW on March 16th at Shangri-La at 1016 East Sixth Street, Austin, TX. If you plan on attending, please be sure to RSVP to MFG Production

NICK LAUNAY Producing The New Crash Kings Album


Worlds End client NICK LAUNAY heads into the studio at the end of this month to produce the new Crash Kings album for Motown.

Theophilus London Playing IAMSOUND Records Party At SXSW


Theophilus London play the IAMSOUND Records party at SXSW on March 16th at Shangri-La at 1016 East Sixth Street, Austin,TX. Please be sure to RSVP to MFG Productions.

Click HERE to check him out on Letterman.

CHRISTIAN LANE To Release Forthcoming Album


CHRISTIAN LANE will be releasing his forthcoming album on April 19th on Starved Rock Records. BEVERLY MARTEL is distributing the record. Christian is formerly of Loud Lucy, an act Worlds End has worked with in the past. Take a look at his video for his single, "Your Garden" above.

Check out FRENCHIE SMITH & THE ANSWER At Sonic Ranch


Watch our producer client FRENCHIE SMITH and The Answer jamming away in the studios of Sonic Ranch in Texas! FRENCHIE just finished producing the band's forthcoming album.

ART Vs. SCIENCE Album 'The Experiment' Enters Australian Charts At #2


'The Experiment,' the debut album from Art Vs Science has entered the Australian album charts at #2. Beverly Martel releases the band's EP 'Magic Fountain' next Tuesday, March 15th. Check out the band next week at their SXSW showcases:

3/17 - Annie's West (SXSW) - Austin, TX
3/18 - Bar 96 (SXSW) - Austin, TX
3/19 - Maggie Mae's Rooftop (SXSW) - Austin, TX

IAMSOUND Record's PANic Promotions Presents LYKKE LI At The Mondrian Sessions This Thursday


The indie siren on why she adores Leonard Cohen and Björn Yttling but she is less taken by Kanye West:

Sweden is dark at this time of year. The bright colours and sparkly tones of Swedish pop are veiled by a wintry darkness, out of which comes a raw second album from Lykke Li, whose 2008 debut, 'Youth Novels,' made The Times’s Top 100 pop albums of the Noughties. Theatrical, minimalist and with a penchant for avant garde percussion, the chameleonic indie-kid stands out from the more sugary pop of her compatriots and has produced a second album, Wounded Rhymes, that marks her progression from baby-faced popstar to a folk-rock diva who has worked with Kanye West and Kings of Leon. But this is no reinvention, simply a natural progression. “I’m becoming more and more myself,” she muses dreamily, after an insomniac night spent watching documentaries about Roman Polanski. Having lived between Sweden, Portugal and New York all her life, Li has collected influences like postcards on her travels. “I’m living out of two suitcases and an open mind at the moment,” she says. “Putting out this album is a bit like letting my baby out into the world. It’s a maternal thing.”

The Shangri-Las - The way they do songs really inspires me. One song can go in five directions. It’s like a very cinematic approach, to start very softly and build up through the choruses.
Dr John - My dad had a tape of Mama Roux, and that album [Gris-Gris] influenced me a lot and my love of percussion. It’s from that that I love the use of tom-toms — I never like to use the whole drum kit. Cesaria Evora - I spent five years living in Portugal when I was very young and I really loved Cesaria Evora’s type of folk music and the whole Bésame Mucho song she did.
Leonard Cohen - I’m pretty much a Cohen obsessive. He’s a master of words and his lyrics are amazing. I would love to work with him on something but I think I would be too scared to ask. Maybe I could just sing a harmony over him. It was Cohen who said: “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.” That’s the sort of music I like, where it has a vulnerability and an unfiltered rawness.
Alejandro González Iñárritu - I think Iñárritu is the best director alive right now. With his films I love the same thing that I like in every piece of art, where he makes something magical out of reality, with a blur between reality and fantasy. I just like that films like Biutiful aren’t airbrushed, in the same way as Ingmar Bergman is very raw.
Paris is Burning - I love this documentary [about New York drag queens]. It just seems to show people with a purpose. It’s inspiring to see people who live and die for what they do.

Björn Yttling - He is my musical soulmate. I got his phone number from a friend and met him and just understood that it would be the start of a whole new world. He helped me stop living in a dream world and turn my visions into more of a sonic reality.
Kanye West - I wasn’t too bothered about this, to be honest. Kanye West sang his bit of the song [N.A.S.A. collaboration project Gifted] in his studio and I did my bit in mine. I didn’t even meet him. It’s just one of those things I got asked to do, which is the way things like that tend to happen.
Kings of Leon - They said I could cover whichever song I wanted, but I didn’t really think about them as this big stadium band, I just liked their tunes and the way they looked. Plus, I only had one of their albums and "Knocked Up" was my favourite song on there. I got to do what I wanted with it and work with John Hill [producer and remixer to Shakira, Christina Aguilera and M.I.A.] to to do the duet.

...growing up
Her debut album - I was a lot younger than I realised on 'Youth Novels' [2008]. I was trying to sound old, but I had no life experience and it sounded very young. I had been playing in shitty bars in New York and then come back to Sweden, where I had to be the underdog, exist on the periphery of the industry.
Her second album - My priorities on Wounded Rhymes are to be as raw and honest as possible. I just want to try to write a song that outlives and outshines me. I might be Swedish, but there is no Swedish pop really: we are all just trying to do Bob Dylan, but in our own way.
The future I have two directions I want to go in. One would be very abstract, to play with soundscapes and make an ace David Lynch soundtrack. But I also want to work more as a singer-songwriter and make something really scaled back, with just a guitar and a piano.

NEWVILLAGER Performing At IAMSOUND Records SXSW Showcase


NewVillager - "LightHouse" from stereogum on Vimeo.

NEWVILLAGER will be performing at the IAMSOUND Records SXSW party, which will take place on Wednesday, March 16th at Sailor Jerry Lounge at Shangri-la. Please RSVP to MFG Productions.

The debut album from NEWVILLAGER will be available sometime later this year on IAMSOUND Records.

Foster The People Playing IAMSOUND SXSW Showcase


Foster The People are going to be performing at the IAMSOUND Records SXSW party. MNDR has just remixed their single "Pumped Up Kicks" and it is RCRDLBL's RCRD of the Day. Click HERE to download the remix.

IAMSOUND's SXSW showcase will take place on Wednesday, March 16th at Sailor Jerry Lounge at Shangri-la. Be sure to RSVP to MFG Productions.

SKIDD MILLS To Produce 12 Stones


Worlds End client SKIDD MILLS heads into the studio later this month to start producing the new 12 Stones album

Download 'Walk The River' For Free!


Guillemots are making the title track off of their upcoming album, 'Walk The River' available for download here! All you have to do is share the track on one of the offered social media websites.

BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe raved over 'Walk The River,' calling it the "hottest record in the world." The highly anticipated album was produced by our very own DAVID KOSTEN.

'Walk The River' will be available on April 18th through Geffen.

Art Vs. Science Announces U.S. Dates


Australian rockers Art Vs. Science will be coming to an American venue soon! They will be playing 3 showcases at this year's SXSW, and playing a handful of tour dates on the coasts as well. Check out the dates below.

Beverly Martel will release their album in the U.S. on March 15th.

3/17 - Annie's West (SXSW) - Austin, TX
3/18 - Bar 96 (SXSW) - Austin, TX
3/19 - Maggie Mae's Rooftop (SXSW) - Austin, TX
3/24 - Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, CA
3/25 - Central Social Aid & Pleasure - Santa Monica, CA
3/26 - Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles, CA
3/28 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY

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