Billboard Names JACK ENDINO As "Producer Who Rules"


"They produce the songs that make the whole world sing -- and dance, and mosh, and head-bob, and do the country two-step," says Billboard, and in this week's edition they profile 10 producers who rule the music universe.

JACK ENDINO has been enjoying a long career making music the way he likes it - and now Billboard is recognizing his unique sound and approach to producing. Read below to hear how he does it:

"I'm a rock guy -- Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mudhoney -- in the classic sense. I prefer to see real instruments, not machines. I like people playing in front of me in real time. I always try to keep the human factor in the recordings. People seek me out because I capture a live feel. It's important to preserve that spark.

Twenty years after grunge, people still beat a path to my door-I could probably work every single day if I wanted to. I'm an old-school guy who uses modern equipment in a modern setting, and a lot of bands like that. I'm constantly going back to the first records I bought, like the Who and Led Zeppelin, and no matter what type of band I'm producing-be it rock, pop, metal, whatever-I approach it with a rock aesthetic. I don't like to sterilize the life force out of a recording. I'm doing a jazz record right now and we're not using any click tracks. I want albums to have an organic feel, no matter the genre.

The last time I worked with a U.S. major label was 15 years ago. The business model makes no sense. I've worked with majors from other countries, but they're more nimble. And the indies have always been good to me." -As told to Cortney Harding

Congrats on Billboard's recognition, Jack!