Fool's Gold Featured on NPR


IAMSOUND artist Fool's Gold is Featured on NPR "All Things Considered".

Fool's Gold's newest album is called Leave No Trace, and there's little trace left of Hebrew on it — the lyrics are mostly in English. In a conversation with NPR's David Greene, vocalist Luke Top and guitarist Lewis Pesacov, the band's two founding members, explain the new direction.

Fool's Gold began as a part-time, informal collaboration while Top and Pesacov were working day jobs. The band held open-door jam sessions, sometimes with up to a dozen participants. Now that they tour full-time, their approach is more orderly. They've pared down the number of members to five, and assigned formal parts.

Pesacov says, "What we were interested in musically was finding a little more nuance and detail in the music we were writing. I like to think that on the first album we were painting with a broad stroke, and now we're getting really detailed."

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