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Bleeding Knees Club See The Light. Aussie duo sack the Sunshine State to team up with Dev Hynes for New York album sessions.

"We're having fun but it's been raining a lot," sighs Alex Hall, one half of Bleeding Knees Club. London's skies may be overcast but he and co-conspirator Jordan Malane have more than weather on their minds. Splitting their summer between here and New York, the pair have been busy creating their debut album.

It might have taken them years to actually get round to starting a band- they've been friends since they were two- but since they finally set up their kit in Jordan's garage back in the Aussie state of Queensland last March, things have gone supersonic in terms of hype and oddball offers. The latest concerns none other than Dev Hynes, onboard in a production role.

The two hit it off last year when BKC supported Lightspeed Champion, and they've since been hard at work in New York. "He's the most awesome guy," says Alex, and it seems Dev's equally smitten.

"They're the first band I've produced and not written songs for, which is mainly because their songs are fucking amazing," Dev says. "To me it's like classic songwriting, like '60s Dion, or Del Shannon. That's what I hear in it, by way of 'Dookie' or Social Distortion or something. It was a complete no-brainer."

Tentatively titled 'Nothing to Do', the album will be out in the UK early next year on IAMSOUND. Twelve songs strong including a re-recorded 'Teenage Girls' and Alex's current favourite, 'Let It Go'- the band say there's a "really '60s-based song" plus a few punk rabble-rousers punctuating the spry, halcyon lo-fi fans will already be familiar with. Just don't expect it to sound too glossed-up and perfect, as the band have a somewhat unusual approach to the overall creative and recording process.

"We like to work really fast and not think about it too much," says Alex. "It it's shit, I reckon it's better. We keep the crappier recordings..." -Rhian Daly