MoZella Guests On Bruno Guez Track


"Space Philosophy" off of Bruno Guez's forthcoming album 'Love Is Possible' will feature lead vocals by Mozella.

Bruno describes the track as a song that "defines love as infinite, endless and timeless just like the stars".

'Love is Possible' is a concept album based on a book that Bruno has been been writing. The songs are inspired by life changing events that led him to write about personal experiences, realizations, and explore the many dynamics we go through in life, love and in relationships when faced with a challenge.

While deeply rooted in the book's philosophy, the songs on the album explore how through our transformations, we can get beyond the psychological limitations and hangups that hold us back from embracing love, appreciating the moments and people in our lives, and deepening our life experience in a more profound way. The songs come from a deep place, yet resonate in a lyrical and musical way.

The album was recorded and produced in L.A., and features co-writes and performances by Sunny Levine, Giuseppe Patane, Mozella, Ryan Levine, Orelia, A$A, and Amir Yaghmai. The string arrangements were recorded in Tel Aviv, with additional arrangements by Eldad Zitrin. The album was mixed in Tel Aviv, by Carmen Rizzo in June 2011.