NIKKI LANE Featured In NY Times


Nikki Lane is a young singer who prefers an older style of country music to the poppier variety put out by most of her peers. But the South Carolina native had to go to California to find it.

“You move to L.A., you meet a bunch of cute boys and record nerds and you dip into all sorts of music,” Ms. Lane, who was born Nicole Lane Frady, said. “But growing up in the South, I had no idea who Loretta Lynn really was, nor did I care.”

“Turns out I love her,” she added. “But it didn’t figure that out until I was 25.”

Ms. Lane, now 28, channels Ms. Lynn and rockabilly queens like Wanda Jackson on her twangy, reverb-laden debut album, “Walk of Shame” (IAMSOUND), released in September. She now lives in Nashville, after a stint in New York, lured more by cheap rents and accessibility than by its status as the country music capital.

“It’s fun being at the center of what’s going on in a city, and that would have never happened in New York or Los Angeles,” she said. “In Nashville there’s a small scene but an intimate one — we all kind of do our own thing.”

Ms. Lane plays at the Rockwood Music Hall on Saturday and will tour nationally in November. She called on Friday to talk about courting the young, dirty and hip who populate CMJ, and how to beat stage fright. Here are edited excerpts from that telephone conversation.

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