Top 11 Albums of 2011

1. Bon Iver -- Bon Iver: Like The Suburbs last year, this album has been played weekly, sometimes daily, ever since it came out.

2. The Horrible Crowes -- Elsie: Out of nowhere, this Gaslight Anthem (don't call it a) side project resonated with me so strongly. There's not a bad song on this.

3. Kanye West & Jay-Z -- Watch the Throne: Believe the hype.

4. Adele -- 21: If I had the hips and the attitude, I'd say "you go girl" to her and then snap my fingers.

5. Portugal. The Man -- In the Mountain In The Cloud: Whether it's "So American," a sort-of anti-anthem for the OWS crowd, or other standouts like "Senseless" and "Sleep Forever," it's a masterwork.

6. The Beastie Boys -- The Hot Sauce Committee Part 2: Their best album in a buttload of years.

7.Florence & The Machine -- Ceremonials: Picks up right where they left off with Lungs. Hauntingly beautiful stuff.

8. Arctic Monkeys -- Suck it and See: I wanted to love their last album, but couldn't. This was so easy to love. Their best since their first.

9. TV on the Radio -- Nine Types of Light: Not as good as their previous efforts, but this band deserves more mainstream love. Choice tracks: "Will Do" and "Repetition."

10.Lady Gaga -- Born this Way: This was an uneven album, but I really appreciate her talent and attempt at making the best album ever. It wasn't but had some great songs.

11.Nicki Minaj -- Pink Friday: Not everything works, but when it does, it does so well.