Bleeding Knees Album Reviewed In NY Times


'Nothing To Do' the new album from The Bleeding Knees Club due out April 17th on our sister label IAMSOUND Records was just reviewed by The New York Times. Check it out below!

That “Nothing to Do” (Iamsound), the first album from the Australian outfit Bleeding Knees Club, comes a couple years too late for the no-fi garage-rock revival hardly matters. It’s raggedy and satisfying, unconcerned with anything beyond its very elemental attitudes and poses. The singer and drummer Alex Wall is bratty and petulant, whining about lust and ennui when he’s not whining about the inconsequential:

Got in my car... Didn’t get too far... You forgot your bag... It was such a drag.

The album is produced by Devonté Hynes (Blood Orange, Lightspeed Champion), who plays bass — and keyboards on “Beach Slut,” which includes the album’s most wistful passages — but otherwise mostly stays out of the way, letting Mr. Wall and the guitarist Jordan Malane outsneer each other. The blissful “Problem Child” sounds like the soundtrack of a 1950s instructional video about the proverbial bad seed, and on “Nothing to Do” Mr. Wall himself is the bad seed, griping, “Got nothing to do/When I’m with you/I’m so bored you have no clue.”