BRAD WOOD Produced SOPHIE KOH'S New Album Oh My Garden


Worlds End client BRAD WOOD is the producer and co-writer of Sophie Koh's newest LP, Oh My Garden, this weeks Top Pick on The album was release in Australia this week, and has been receiving much praise.

On her third album, Melbourne-based performer Sophie Koh abandons acoustic pop in favour of a more eclectic, electronic sound. Opener On and On buzzes with an urgent electricity that gives Koh’s pristine vocals a new, nervy edge. It isn’t hard to spot the fingerprints of Ben Lee and Machine Translation’s J Walker, both of whom helped out on the production side. None of this is to suggest Koh’s gone and made an experimental album. Lip Syncing is pure, radio-friendly pop but takes an idiosyncratic approach to its hooks and choruses. Single I Understand evokes a chart-troubling ’80s tear-jerker, but its simmering backdrop gives the track a genuine sense of hurt and danger. Fans might miss the raw simplicity of Koh’s earlier releases, but this more polished LP feels like the work of a vibrant and interesting artist. Of course, what matters most is that Koh’s grasp on melody remains strong. Here, we see her mature as a performer, putting across sharp-edged tunes with a new confidence. Oh The Garden has been described as "...A grower, one of 2012's most captivating pop records."