Breaking act Kate Boy Who are they? A four-piece consisting of the Australian singer Kate Akhurst and the Swedish production team of Markus Dextegen, Hampus Nordgren Hemlin and Oskar Sikow Engstrom, Kate Boy are creating a stir on the strength of just one EP. If its title track, Northern Lights, is anything to go by, they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as their fellow purveyors of insanely catchy but strangely sinister Scando electro, the Knife, Robyn and Niki & the Dove — the song is that good. As is In Your Eyes, whose declamatory vocals and tribal drums strengthen the Niki connection. On this basis, their debut album is going to be a belter. When’s the record out? The Northern Lights EP is released on March 11 on Iamsound; kateboy.com. DC