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Stephen Lipson session memories – Prefab Sprout

Thomas Dolby completely floored me with The Golden Age of Wireless. I listened to it endlessly, trying to figure out his techniques. Radio Silence, Airwaves, Europa and the Pirate Twins, Windpower, all brimming with brilliance, so ahead of its time. There was also a song on Aliens Ate My Buick called The Key To Her Ferrari which has so many great ideas packed into one song.

Stephen Lipson session memories – Whitney Houston

There was a song that didn’t make it onto Diva called Step By Step. We worked long and hard but whatever we did didn’t seem to give it the right tone for the album. Someone, possibly Annie, had the idea of sending it to Clive Davis with a view to Whitney Houston recording it. It was deemed to be a good idea and could even work in the movie she was making, The Preacher’s Wife. As I’d produced the track up to this point it was agreed that I’d continue working on it with Whitney.

Stephen Lipson Session Memories – Gerry Rafferty

Throughout my working career, with two notable exceptions (one good, one bad), I’ve never worked for the money. This was a conscious decision I made when I was young and completely broke. Not because I didn’t need the money, but because I felt that if I was good enough the money would take care of itself. Naive and idealistic possibly, but had money been my motivation I’d have picked a more lucrative path. My remuneration has never played any part in the effort I’ve put in to a project. The only limiting factor has been time. So far this formula has served me well.

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