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Liquid Monk Single On The Rocks Feat. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs Released June 16th

Beverly Martel has signed LIQUID MONK the band release their first single ON THE ROCKS feat. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs on June 16th. Liquid Monk has become a name in the Detroit music scene synonymous with instrumental virtuosity, genre bending creativity, and energetic live performances. Integrating an array of live instrumentation alongside electronics, the group has redefined how organic and electronic elements can blend to bring the excitement of a live band along with the texture and dance groove of a producer or DJ. In 2016, Liquid Monk continued expanding in the Detroit music community and connected with talented vocalists and rappers. With a diverse pool of lyricists, they realized a vision of merging their jazz and fusion roots with electronic music and the vocal power of pop, hip hop and R&B. The band acts as a producer showcasing the unique talents of each collaborator while also creating a sonic landscape that can only be described as Liquid Monk. Their upcoming self titled debut LP is due out this Autumn. Liquid Monk is Eric “Fil” Fillip (Drums, Percussion), Dan Gruszka (Guitar, Synth, Electronics), Michael Leonard (Guitar, Synth) and Omar Taji (Keyboards, Synth Bass). Signed to Los Angeles label BEVERLY MARTEL their first single ON THE ROCKS ft. Jaye Prime & Hugo Biggs is released June 16th

Superfood Release New Single ‘Double Dutch’

Superfood (now a duo featuring frontman Dom Ganderton & Ryan Malcolm) have signed a publishing deal with Iamsound Music.The band have unveiled their fresh new flavors ahead of an as-yet-untitled new album. Produced by Dom & Ryan and engineered by MATTHEW TWAITES. The band have signed to Dirty Hit Records and have just released the first single ‘Double Dutch’ (Feb 6th)

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